What is it about our catalog that has people coming back again and again to marvel at our models and how they wear our clothes?


Part of it is a commitment to following the latest trends in fashion. Part of it is a keen eye for the best designs, and what people are doing to look good in 2022 and beyond. But another part of it is an approach where we take the time to listen to others – to see what’s really hot right now, and why. 


Some of these design choices can help you to figure out which of our collection pieces you like the most and how to enhance your wardrobe this season!


The Tides of Hem Lines


One of the fundamental things that all design people know is that hemlines change – that's just the reality.


In the old days, there was a gradual change upward but now hemlines just move around a lot. Even the styles of hemlines change a lot too. For example, you might have a tassel design or something more ornate that might be part of some dress line, like Mediterranean styles, for example. We’ve heard about how the Andalusian or southern Italian style figures in, too, as we make our way through a modern era that nods to the past. 


Peasant Blouses


Why are peasant blouses back in fashion? Well, the above says it all, really, but there are other aspects of fashion in play, too. 


A lot of it has to do with those loose flowing bell shapes and the ways that specialized dresses and garments hug particular areas of the arm. Then there's the stately way that these garments dress the torso. Peasant blouses are a timeless design that has gone in and out of fashion, but is an attractive part of some of our collections.


Sarong Style Garments


Other garments have a type of diagonal design to them – fabric that moves from one shoulder onto a side of the back, with the other shoulder being left bare.


In general, all of these designs take into account how to showcase the limbs and neck line and areas of the body in a fashionable and trendy way…


When people marvel at the runway and say that things look “chic,” that's part of what they're talking about.


You can see a lot of this design principle on our website with our specialized photography and model work.




August 02, 2022 — Molly Hanley