Fashion enables us to express our distinct personalities. Through our choices of fabrics, designs, styles, and colors, our clothing tells our stories. Out of all the factors that go into how we decide what garments to buy, color is the most dominating. No matter how beautiful the design of a garment is, color alone can be a dealbreaker. 

Color is the first thing people notice about our clothing, and our color choices can reveal a lot about us. In psychology, the color test is used to identify specific personality traits of individuals. Colors impact our minds, emotions, ideas, and perceptions and provide a glimpse of our spiritual, mental, and physical state. It stands to reason that the more we understand the meaning of different colors in fashion, the better we can alter our moods or express ourselves depending on the colors we choose to wear.

Colors That Are Happy

Orange: Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, and it is the color of warmth, happiness, freedom, and creativity. Orange also represents success and evokes many positive physical effects like boosting confidence, stimulating the appetite, and promoting overall well-being. 

Yellow: The color of sunshine, yellow represents cheerfulness, energy, enlightenment, optimism, and freshness. Yellow also stimulates the brain and nervous system to encourage conversations and physical activity.

Feel Passionate In Red

Red is associated with strong emotions like love, passion, desire, and rage. This color enhances breathing and heartbeats and draws attention to those who wear it. When combined with black, the energy of the color red is intensified, and when combined with white, it evokes romance. 

Powerful Colors

Dark colors make us feel empowered when we wear them. Colors like navy, dark green, charcoal, dark brown, and black enable us to be more persuasive and influential. Most men's suits are made of these dark colors to promote a professional look, while women's dark-colored dresses evoke mystery and intrigue. 

Stress Relieving Blue

The color blue conveys a sense of coolness, calmness, and peacefulness. Blue is very positive for our minds and bodies as it signals our bodies to produce chemicals that have calming effects. Wearing blue can help you to recover from a stressful situation or be more confident, whereas blue greens are very soothing. For these reasons, most uniforms and company logos use shades of blue. 

Neutral Colors Balance The Mind, Body, And Soul

Neutral colors like white, cream, beige, taupe, and grey bring balance and harmony to mind, body, and soul. These colors evoke peacefulness and a sense of tranquility, hope, and purity. If you want to feel calm, neutral colors give you the energy you need to balance stressful situations. Neutral colors also represent the colors found in nature.

Colors Impact How We Feel And Are Perceived

Color plays a vital role in how we express ourselves through our clothing choices. Whether you anticipate a hectic day and choose to wear neutral colors to bring calm or are planning to dance the night away in the perfect red dress, your fashion color choices help you create your best look inside and out. 

November 02, 2022 — Peyton Fox