People like to browse our catalog: in fact, we see that when we look at page views and bounce rate and everything else around our e-commerce store. We like what we see!

We have visually inspiring designs and beautiful models – that's part of it. There's also a certain quality around our products that has people pondering purchases of these beautiful summer dresses and more directly from our website. Building on those successes, we have introduced our buyers to a higher quality of summer apparel – for sunny days and sultry nights!

Let's talk about three of the designs that are hot right now…because we have seen people come back again and again, clamoring for more of these neat designs. We are busy right now, and it’s good to be busy! But we also want to put the time into serving our customers well.

Midsummer Dress

Our mid-summer dress model has a form-fitting top design, along with a layered bottom that provides a fresh and innovative look for the summer season.

Showing off the chest in an amazing way, this strap-top dress is a keeper and our model wears it well. Think about tripping around in this excellent high-class dress at parties and other events.

Elliatt Chevelle Dress

This specially-designed dress has a number of excellent features, including the contoured open-back top design with a small tassel at the fringe, bringing to mind a summer day in Sevilla, Spain - this ornate garment also has a lot of see-through lacy design that you can combine with nice undergarments to achieve a beautiful summer look!

Basket Midi Dress

The basket midi dress’s cupping design on top is a beautiful thing to behold. There's also a high slit on the side to show off the beauty of supple lower limbs.

Primrose Dress

The primrose dress, with its lace-up back, is a must for ladies who like to feel the sun breathe! Take a closer look with our proprietary close-up visual tool, and think about your size.

Take advantage of all of these top designs from an e-commerce store that values customer service and beauty in a dress rack. Your closet will never look the same! But it’s not just the flair and quality that makes a difference It’s our dedication to you and our responsiveness to you as a buyer. Get questions asked, or address any issues, with a live human team that cares about how you look this summer!

July 07, 2022 — Amal Alharbi