Most people work extremely hard to compile a wardrobe of stylish clothing. An outfit that looks put-together can help you make a good first impression. Fashion also provides you with an outlet to express the creative side of your personality. 

A recent study found that nearly 61 percent of Americans routinely find themselves in a situation where they can’t find anything they want to wear. Instead of allowing the lack of fashion options to get in the way of progress, you need to make some changes. 

As the New Year approaches, many people are starting to make resolutions. Here are some fashion resolutions for 2023 you should think about making. 

1. Embrace New Colors and Prints

Some people make the mistake of choosing a limited color palette for their clothing. While you might fancy yourself an earth tones type of woman, you need to realize the importance of expanding your horizons. Limiting yourself to just a few colors can lead to your wardrobe becoming bland and dull. 

If you really want to shake things up in the New Year, then incorporating new colors and prints into your daily wardrobe is crucial. Using bright colors and patterns like pinstripe or polka dot can add a ton of appeal to your attire. 

2. Declutter Your Closet

The beginning of a New Year is viewed as a fresh start for most people. If you have an out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new mentality, then you need to take a look at your closet. People who don’t go through their closets regularly are surprised to learn just how much clutter is in this space. Rather than hanging on to this clutter in 2023, it is time to let it go. 

If you plan to add to your wardrobe this year, then you need to get rid of things you never wear. Instead of throwing these items out, you should think about donating them to a local charity. By doing this, you can provide the less fortunate with quality clothing. 

3. Shop Off the Beaten Path

Some people put far too much stock in shopping with major retailers. Instead of having undying loyalty to these retailers, you need to explore the world of online clothing retailers. Shopping off of the beaten path will allow you to find unique items. 

Before using a new clothing supplier, you need to take the time to research their reputation. Ideally, you want to choose a clothing supplier that has a great reputation. You also need to make sure you are getting the best possible deal on the items you want to purchase. 

If you aren’t in a hurry to purchase the clothing items in question, you might want to wait for a retailer to have a sale. In most cases, being patient will help you save a lot of money on new clothing. 

Do you want to change up your wardrobe in 2023? If so, you need to follow the suggestions in this article.

December 06, 2022 — Molly Hanley