What do you wear with an over the shoulder silk dress, or a stylish retro jumpsuit, or some other kind of impressive outfit?


Do you opt for a peep-toe stiletto or a Gladiator heel? Or do you choose a pair of boots, ankle or knee length, to complement your high fashion gallon? What about Cuban heels, or kitten heels, or comma heels, or platforms or mule heels? You get the idea. 


The answer, in a nutshell, varies according to your tastes, and also according to what you're buying. Our catalog is a nearly endless procession of excellent fashion choices that you'll be proud to have in your wardrobe. Then you pick the shoes. You can decide what they go with, either from perusing your magazines, or just a keen sense of intuition. 


Neat Jumpsuits and More


We have a denim jumpsuit, for example, and an absolutely adorable puffed sleeve jumpsuit by Laurie. We’ve seen both of the above rocked with heels. Gladiators, for example. We’ve also seen them worn with shoes that look like ballet flats, albeit with a supportive sole. In a word, these suits are versatile! They’re almost, in a way, a sort of all-weather outfit, when you think about it. They’re substantial, but yet built to breathe, too. 


Then, of course, we have a lot more, like Larisa and Noelle brands and other choices, for example, a Kambrie dress that our model wore with long boots of the suede-ish variety. 


We have all of these silky and satiny garments and then some very unique choices!


Take a look at the Eiffel midi, with sheer accents that are shaped according to a very specific design philosophy. It's absolutely cute in its own way, and a very attractive choice for parties or formal occasions. We’ve seen it paired with so many different kinds of attractive heels, in a variety of settings – in short, it’s a crowd pleaser. 


Then there's the Lisette pullover that looks like an autumn or winter choice, where again, you can choose boots or other shoes accordingly. Think about the slush and ice that you might have in this season – but also, think about where you will be and how you want to pull this look off. 


What you get with all of these designs is an absolute attention to detail and commitment to quality that you can count on when it's time to add to what's in your closet.


Our e-commerce shop prides itself on a track record of absolute 100% customer service to anywhere that we ship to, with dedication to each customer's satisfaction. That’s not something that we take for granted, and it shows in our work and our results every day. Bookmark us – and keep coming back!



January 04, 2023 — Molly Hanley