We could all use a little romance, so grab your bows, ruffles, and lace because women's romantic style is abloom in today's fashion trends. If feminine attributes in fashion pique your interest, chances are that you are a romantic at heart. Perhaps you lean towards flowing midi-skirts and floral patterns, or maybe you indulge in puffed sleeves and gingham trousers; wherever you fall on the romantic fashion meter, there is something for you in fashion today. However, you don't have to layer yourself in ultra-feminine clothing to identify with the aesthetic; you can undoubtedly revel in the grittier side of romance with a few reprised and revised components. Let's take a look at why dreamy romantic fashion styles stand the test of time. 

The Core Of Romantic Fashion Style

Romantic clothing is a form of dressing characterized by feminine touches, dreamy textures, soft silhouettes, and a touch of nostalgia. Picture ladies strolling through the garden dressed in tiered dresses of pastel colors with all the trimmings. The romantic aesthetic gets its beginning in the Victorian days, which were an iconic time for fashion. However, romantic clothing has stood the test of time due to the adaptability of its aesthetic and range of charming styles. From 19th-century-inspired looks to clothing with a gothic twist, there is something for everyone in romantic fashion. 

Feminine Romantic Style

Even though femininity is multifaceted, this style reflects the softness that it typically brings to mind. With lush textures and a note towards vintage inspired pieces, feminine, romantic clothing embraces tulle, lace, and ruffle accents as critical components. This alluring look is also known for its sleek silhouettes to show off the feminine form, high waistlines, billowing sleeves, and lavish embroideries. 

Edgy Romantic/ Gothic Style

You don't have to fill your closet with only light and airy colors to wear the romantic style; another option is the gothic revival. Gothic revival takes a dark slant in the genre of romantic fashion, drawing inspiration from a different past. The neo-gothic genre was aimed at bringing eerie and dark forms to life, and gothic revival romantic clothing incorporates these darker themes. This edgy romantic style is primarily black with soft earth tones and filled with lace and corsets to hit all the romantic chords, just in a minor key.

Colors And Patterns Of Romantic Fashion

Women's romantic fashion consists of coveted iconic colors and patterns. These typically lean into pale pastels and earth tones, pulling inspiration from nature. Picture the mossy greens of a charming hillside, yellows reflected in buttercups, soft blues of the morning sky, and blushing pinks of sunset. When it comes to romantic patterns, florals abound. Florals mixed with gingham prints, small patterns for a graceful vibe, and tone-on-tone patterns for a soft look are all components of romantic fashion.

Go Full-Throttle Romance, Or Pepper In Some Romantic Flare

Regarding your fashion style, you can enjoy full-throttle romance or pepper some romantic flare into your favorite pieces. Dresses with ornamentation, billowing blouses, floral skirts, and laced accents can bring romance to your wardrobe. Just imagine yourself in a playful and light mood, and redefine what romantic fashion means to you. 

January 31, 2023 — Molly Hanley